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Below are just some of the examples of what we can do.

iCal Extract

To decode iCal links from different booking portals, allowing you to view and store your reservations in tabular format.

Find Tradie

Currently under development - a business directory tool. Some referral services charge exorbitant fees for leads, which little corner shops and sole traders can hardly afford to use - and often can't afford not to use either. This tool will be free for little businesses.

Bloodbikes Australia

A blood bike rider is a volunteer motorcycle rider used to courier urgent and emergency medical items between different healthcare providers. To keep a track of who's available and where, two portals have been developed and hosted by Azoth Group:

Free Tools at Azoth Group

We believe in giving back to community, so our library of free tools is ever growing. If there is something you would like to see / have and it's of general interest, let us know, and we just might build / add it.

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