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Geelong based family business.

Jack and Jill of all trades, with 40+ years of combined experience in many different fields of computer science: hardware, software, creating web sites and applications, technical support, networking, cyber security and more.

We will sit with you and come to the right-sized solution for any of your ideas or problems - whether you need help at home, just starting up or have an established business.

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We care

We are detail oriented and motivated, with the ability to rapidly learn and take advantage of new concepts, business models and technologies. We have excellent analytic skills, intensity, drive and desire to succeed.

We've always been on the cutting edge of technology, yet taking full advantage of existing environments, resources and impediments and taking them to the next level.

Our strengths and passions are in building things - with our hands and our minds - coming up with simple solutions for seemingly complicated problems. There is nothing more full-filling than seeing our solution come alive and people using it.

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What we do

Game Development

We've developed few different online games and gamified some of the apps - check us out!

Email Security

Personalised e-mail security service - check your emails to ensure they are genuine and not scam or phishing attacks.

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Solution Architecture, Web and App Development

  • In need of a website, mobile, desktop or web application?
  • Do you need data protection, check or upgrade your data security?
  • Design new network or daily backups? Migrate to a cloud?
  • Not sure what the solution is, but just want to discuss options available to you?

  • Micro-services

Custom Solutions

  • system design and development
  • networking and security
  • ocr, portals, blogs, e-commerce
  • data / system migrations
  • hardware support
...and more!

Free Tools at Azoth Group

We believe in giving back to community, so our library of free tools is ever growing. If there is something you would like to see / have and it's of general interest, let us know, and we just might build / add it.

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