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Big companies employ many cyber security experts to keep their information and users safe. Individuals, farmers, sole traders and small businesses unfortunately can't afford that, yet they are still vulnerable to all scam artists and hackers from around the world.

After reading an article about insane amounts of money lost by farmers to scam emails, we've decided to offer a personalised and simplified service to individuals and small businesses, as part of our giving back, for a nominal fee, which would also include teaching users how to recognise scam emails themselves, by examples.

Our service consists of you forwarding us an email that you are not sure about, we analyse it and get back to you with "yay" or "nay" and let you know why it is malicious, if that's the case. So next time you might be able to recognise it yourself.

While some people would be happy to use our service for few weeks or months until they gain confidence that they can recognise these vile attempts themselves, through the feedback provided by us to every suspicious email, others might just want to continue using the service and not worry about the risks anymore.

If you are interested, contact us and we can discuss the service, arrangement and anything else of interest.

Let's make sure that your hard earned money serves to improve your own and your family's life - and not that of some unscrupulous hacker.

How to recognise malicious emails? - if the content is too technical, we can help you navigate through the muddy waters.

Example of scam e-mail and Analysis

Email received from Netflix with urgent reminder

Looking into email body, you can see more details about the sender, there are several discrepancies. Some of them are just of concern and in combination with others raise red flags as to the authenticity, while others are just plain wrong, indicating malicious intent:

  • Email is marked as urgent
  • Email is requesting to change payment details - and it contains links as where to do it
  • Display name Netflix, but email address is
  • The content of email is in the attachment, as an image
  • Email is sent to business address, which is NOT the registered email with Netflix

Valid / non-malicious email from Netflix

  • Email addressed to address registered with Netflix -
  • Sender email address is
  • The content is information that I received many times before

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